Consumer Alert: Be careful who you choose to fix roof damage

A hail storm in St. Johns County Sunday caused some damage

People are cleaning up in Rivertown from the hailstorm that swept through that St. Johns County neighborhood Sunday.

ST JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. – Some people are cleaning up Monday in Rivertown after an intense hail storm swept through that St. Johns County neighborhood on Sunday.

News4JAX saw a lot of leaf blowers out Monday. Hail was substantial in Rivertown Sunday and the News4JAX weather team did get of reports of some cars and roofs getting dinged. And though it’s minor damage, roofing companies are already out trying to get business. Leaving flyers and cards and while it may seem convenient to make the call, you might want to hold off.

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“We made it through the Rivertown hail storm,” Erin Martinko said. “It looked equivalent to snow, the yards were white. It was bouncing off cars, people were checking their roofs today and we’ve never experienced something like this in Florida.”

And even though damage in the neighborhood seems to be minimal, insurance agent Matt Carlucci Jr. said he’s concerned. “This is a great moment for them (scammers).”

Carlucci Jr. said roofing scams are one of the main reasons insurance rates go up in Florida. Which is why he wants you to be hesitant of anyone knocking on your door.

“You can almost eliminate the potential of a scammer if you go with a local roofing company, if a roofer shows up to your house that should be a red flag number one and if they ask you to sign something that is a huge red flag number two,” Carlucci Jr. said.

He suggests the first call you make if you have damage after any storm should be either your insurance agent, or a local roofer -- not the first person who knocked on your door.