Memorial Day travel: Is waiting to get gas in Georgia worth it?

Memorial Day weekend is coming up, along with some long road trips. With gas prices as they are many may want to plan out how they travel, and where they stop.

Georgia’s governor has extended the temporary suspension of the state’s gas tax ahead of Memorial Day weekend through July 14.

News4JAX visited several Camden County gas stations and noticed a consistent price of $4.15 for unleaded. For perspective, the state tax on a gallon of gas is about 29 cents. If you have a large gas tank, it adds to your bill quickly.

AAA says gas prices overall are on track to set a new record high for the Memorial Day holiday.

According to AAA, the average price for gas in the Sunshine State is $4.58. In Duval County, the average is $4.56.

So, if your plans already involved traveling north -- it might be worth waiting until you cross the state line to fill up the tank, just to save a little dough.

A lot of people are planning to fly too for the busy travel weekend!

Florida air travel volumes are expected to go up 28% from last year. That’s the second-largest yearly increase in over a decade.

If you’re planning to fly out of Jacksonville, \ Jacksonville Aviation Authority advises travelers to arrive at Jacksonville International Airport at least two hours prior to departure to give you time to find parking, check bags and get through security.

JAA says travelers may experience longer lines and wait times this holiday weekend.

Traffic congestion is expected to pick up significantly as well before the holiday weekend.

If you want to avoid the gridlock -- the best time to leave is as early as possible because you’re most likely going to run into some congestion on the roads later in the day.

AAA predicts nearly 2.2 million Floridians will travel this memorial day weekend, which is more than an 8% increase over last year.

Researchers say drivers will run into some of the longest delays on Friday afternoon.

AAA says the peak times start around 11 a.m. and go through the mid to late afternoon. It suggests drivers leave after 9 p.m. to avoid waiting in traffic.

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Ashley Harding joined the Channel 4 news team in March 2013. She reports for and anchors The Morning Show.