Police video shows DUI arrest of Nassau County commissioner Aaron Bell

Bell mentioned that his wife is assistant state attorney Sarah Bell while police questioned him

NASSAU COUNTY, Fla. – A Nassau County commissioner was taken to jail for suspected DUI, and police released body cam video showing the arrest that happened June 21.

The video starts with a Fernandina Beach officer pulling over Aaron Bell, saying as he put the police cruiser into park that Bell “just drove up and hit the cement parking device really hard.”

The officer explained to Bell that he was pulled over for driving over a marked lane while making a left turn. Bell said he’d forgotten his driver’s license, but did have a valid one. When the officer asks Bell if he had been drinking, he said no.

Nassau County commissioner Aaron Bell mug shot (Nassau County Sheriff's Office)

“I’m getting a smell of an alcoholic beverage from you, that is why I’m asking,” the officer said.

According to the video, Bell confirmed he takes medications, then said to the officer, “My wife knows you.” You hear the officer ask, “Who is your wife?”

Aaron Bell said, “Sarah Bell.”

The officer replied, “The assistant state attorney Sarah Bell … is your wife?”

Bell said, “Yeah.”

The county commissioner told police he just dropped his daughter off at bible school. A deputy arrives and the officer asks if he also smells alcohol on Bell, and he indicates he does. Bell is read his rights, then asks the officer, “Can you get me home?” The officer replied, “No, why are you different than anyone else I do a DUI investigation with? Because of who your wife is? It don’t work that way bud.” He continues, “You are not privileged because of what your wife does for a living.”

Bell refused certain parts of the field sobriety test but agreed to recite the alphabet. The video shows that he failed to recite it properly. Bell also refused a breath, blood or urine test at the jail.

Bell is running for reelection to the Nassau County Board of County Commissioners as District 2′s representative.

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