Solutionaries: Helping fight the hunger

Solutionaries: Helping Fight the Hunger

Do you live in a food desert? Are you in the middle of a food swamp? Do better options exist?

Food solutions for everybody, including the littlest ones in desperate need of baby formula.

Join us for Solutionaries.

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Here are topics we’ll cover in this latest episode:

  • Baby Formula Shortage: Crowdsourced baby formula solutions
  • Food Deserts: Providing nutritious options and opportunities for at-risk areas
  • Food Swamps: Many food options--many unhealthy food options
  • Make Food Medicine: Breaking the cycle of poor nutrition and the health issues that come with unhealthy foods
  • Meet the “Moo Crew”: A group making milk available to many while raising awareness and gathering donations to help Virginia’s food insecurity
  • The Spaces Between: Ensuring everyone eats. Including those caught between qualifying for assistance and those just outside the requirements

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