Man accused of using social media to lure teen to have sex

Cyber security expert explains the dangers of social media

PALM COAST, Fla. – A 25-year-old man was accused of using social media to have sex with a minor over a two-month period, according to Flagler County Sheriff’s Office.

Corby Eisman was arrested and charged with felony battery on a victim of 17 years of age on Sept. 1 following an investigation, a news release states.

Detectives said they began investigating allegations concerning an older man having sex with a teen on Aug. 31. The news release said Eisman met the teen on Snapchat and used the “Snap Map” feature to locate the teenager. Snap Map is a feature that allows users to post photos publicly and share their location in real time with other users.

The underage teen said Eisman told her he was 19 years old, and he was aware she was underage.

News4JAX spoke to cyber security expert Chris Hamer to learn the potential dangers the Snap Map feature may pose and gain a better understanding of why the feature is different than just using Snapchat by itself.

“Instead of it being a direct conversation between people where you’re privacy is protected, here you’re putting your snap on a map of the area and it’s live. This means somebody can zoom in on that region and see you snapping from a particular location and coordinate with the video to get an idea of where you physically are,” Hamer said.

Hamer encouraged parents do more than keep a watchful eye on their child’s social media activity. Instead, Hamer suggested parents educate themselves on the newer technology their children are using.

“Let children educate them on these features, and let the parents try to identify the risks. Let the children show them how to use it and what it does, and the two of them collectively figure out how much exposure it grants,” Hamer said.

Eisman was released on a $40,000 bond.

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