People along Florida’s East Coast brace for Nicole

Delray Beach and Melbourne Beach were experiencing wind and rain on Wednesday

In Melbourne Beach, although people have been told to not come on the beach, there have been a couple of spectators. (Copyright 2022 by WJXT News4Jax - All rights reserved.)

People throughout Florida are tracking Nicole and making preparations.

News4JAX was traveling north on Interstate 95 on Wednesday as Nicole approaches the state. In Delray Beach, just north of Boca Raton and south of West Palm Beach, the wind was starting to pick up and there was on-and-off rain. Some of the people who have sailboats decided to put sandbags on them in an attempt to keep them secure.

One woman told News4JAX she had to take a look at the beach because she was concerned about her property. But she said she believes they are going to be spared compared to other people along the coast.

“I’m thinking we are fortunate, but unfortunately, it’s going to hit somewhere else,” said Lisa Gaessler. “But it’s going to tear up our beaches, but we are going to be OK — grateful.”

Further north in Melbourne Beach, the wind and rain were getting stronger as Nicole churned toward Florida. Brevard County has great concern about Nicole, specifically in regard to flooding. As far as flooding, Brevard County is anticipating 3 to 4 feet countywide and 6 to 8 feet in low-lying areas. As for winds, 55 to 60 mph sustained winds and 70 mph gusts were anticipated. There is also a hurricane warning in effect for the county.

Many people in this area have been told that they need to evacuate, including people who live in a manufactured home or a low-lying area where there’s flooding potential, but as of Wednesday afternoon, it was only a recommendation — it had not been made mandatory. Shelters have opened though.

Valentina Alvarez and her father went to check out the conditions.

“I want to know if it was flooded or not,” Alvarez said.

Although people have been told to not come on the beach, there have been a couple of spectators.

Government offices, official offices and schools were also closed in the area.

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