Big weddings are back on from June 21, Boris Johnson to announce

The Prime Minister is poised to announce that big weddings will be allowed to take place from June 21, The Telegraph has learned, despite it emerging that scientists urged the Government to “overreact” to the Indian variant. Boris Johnson vowed on Friday to give the public an update “by the end of the month” on the results of the review into relaxing social distancing rules, including the “one metre plus” and face mask regulations. He gave a strong hint that the fourth and final step in his roadmap out of restrictions, which is due to scrap the cap on attendees at weddings and other large-scale events, will go ahead as planned on June 21. “I am still seeing nothing in the data that leads me to think that we’re going to have to deviate from the roadmap,” he said, signalling his confidence that the Indian variant will not derail his blueprint. It came after he told Tory MPs privately on Wednesday that he was “hopeful” of abolishing the “one metre plus” rule next month too. Government sources told The Telegraph on Friday night they were confident large-scale weddings would be allowed from June 21, as long as the emerging data on the Indian variant did not take a stark turn for the worse. They said confidence about the safety of big weddings had grown in the wake of positive results from the Government’s large-scale events pilots – which saw just 15 people test positive for Covid-19 among 58,000 attendees. There is currently a limit of 30 attendees at weddings under government rules.