Duval County Schools Superintendent Dr. Diana Greene receives evaluation from school board

DCPS Superintendent Dr. Diana Greene

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – DCPS Superintendent, Dr. Diana Greene, was given an annual evaluation by the school board Tuesday. Greene received strong commendations for eliminating ‘F’ grades from traditional schools, leading schools successfully through the pandemic, and building and promoting community partnerships.

The board’s input is part of the superintendent’s normal annual evaluation process. The school board transitioned this year from a qualitative evaluation system to a summative evaluation system with quantitative data tied to goals and principles of a strategic plan.

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Under the new evaluation system, Dr. Greene was given an overall rating of “effective.”


  • School and district performance data that reflects improvement in overall school grades and student performance despite residual impacts from COVID-19 and the elevation of all schools out of state turnaround oversight.
  • Implementing innovative programs, partnerships, and curriculum — including early adoption of the BEST standards — to address literacy overall and learning loss associated with COVID-19, eliminate all F-grade traditional schools, and increase the ratio of schools rated “C” or better to 93%.
  • Willingness to continue to build partnerships and relationships throughout the community that create transparency, move the needle, and have a lasting impact on students.
  • Bold leadership in the recommendation and the campaign for the one-mil referendum to support our teachers and staff.
  • Strategic deployment of federal ESSER funding to address student learning loss associated with the pandemic and to support long-term investments that will serve schools and students long after ESSER funding concludes.
  • Management and guidance of the Master Facility Plan Oversight Committee and associated dashboard communications, which continue to ensure transparency and instill community confidence in the district’s use of the voter-approved half-penny sales surtax.
  • Identifying and supporting struggling students at all schools and ensuring those students get support and resources to achieve higher outcomes.
  • Development and enhancement of career and technical education programs including the creation of the Duval Ready diploma recognition program from concept to deployment.
  • Communication with the board and with the community.


  • Continue to focus on and achieve growth in student literacy while developing a culture and climate that leads to continuous improvement at the school and district level and that contributes to retention of our valued employees.
  • Maintain the focus on student attendance as a vehicle for improved academic outcomes.
  • Focus on providing support to schools that need to improve a grade level while maintaining support to schools that have improved so that they do not regress.
  • More assertively address the migration of students from traditional schools to other choice options through investment in marketing, customer service, and other strategies to retain students, including strategies to communicate in language with our increasingly diverse community and to work with partners in telling the district’s story from multiple perspectives.
  • Prepare for the end of ESSER funding through monitoring and analysis of ESSER funded programs with the goal of determining which programs should continue and which should end in the post-ESSER era.
  • Evaluate and review quality of district procurement processes to ensure broad inclusivity of potential vendors to the greatest degree possible and ensure that the district follows board policy at all times.
  • Ensure that all parts of the district receive adequate educational facilities.
  • Continue building partnerships with City Council and the Mayor’s office to address the root causes or foundational issues impacting the positive success trajectory of our students.

Superintendent evaluation is guided by School Board Policy 2.14.