Where weather could impact your travel plans this week

Travelers on the road for the holiday season. (File Photo)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- – We have finally reached that time of year.

It’s time to get ready for Thanksgiving cuisine and spending quality time with friends and family. For many, this involves travel either by air or by road.

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The good news -- this holiday season it looks the weather will cooperate nationally but not so much over Florida.

Northeast: Air Travel

A lot of travelers head toward the Northeastern US for their holiday travels. The weather looks fantastic for flying in the Northeast.

Northeast Travel Forecast

Dry conditions are expected, with just some snow in northern New England on Wednesday.

While volume is always a concern in the Northeast, the weather does look to cause issues at the major airports in Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Washington.

Midwest: Air Travel

More great news if you’re heading to the chilly Midwest -- weather does not look to play a major factor.

Midwest Travel Forecast

Some snow will be possible in far northern Minnesota and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, but dry conditions will be the rule on both Tuesday and Wednesday.

Great flying conditions are expected in large cities like Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis and Cleveland.

West: Air Travel

The west coast is where we are expecting some issues.

A large storm system will push in toward the Pacific Northwest, which will produce rain and snow across Washington and Oregon both Tuesday and Wednesday.

West Travel Forecast

Some travel delays are likely in this area, including the airports in Seattle and Portland.

The rest of the western airports, like Los Angeles, San Francisco and Phoenix, looks good for traveling.

South: Air Travel

The southern U.S. also looks really good for air travel.

South Travel Forecast

There will be some rain developing in parts of Texas Wednesday, which could impact travel to Dallas.

The rest of the south, including Houston, Atlanta, Charlotte and Raleigh all look good for travel.

Hitting the road

If you’re hitting the road, it looks like some of the worst weather will be right here in Florida.

Scattered showers will be possible both Tuesday and Wednesday, with steady rains possible in southern areas.

Florida/Georgia travel forecast

The areas with the heaviest rain will be Tampa, Orlando and Miami.

Rain showers will be lower to the North, so if you’re driving to Atlanta, the Panhandle and the Carolinas, the weather will be dry.

It does look like rain chances will be lower on Wednesday, so waiting to travel may help avoid some of the rain.

Overall, the travel picture looks good for flying the skies or hitting the roads. Unfortunately, some of the worst weather may be right here in Florida.

About the Author:

David Heckard is The Weather Authority's Assistant Chief Meteorologist.