Bullet holes litter Northside street known as ‘Dodge City’ following shootout, SWAT response

An address on Gullege Drive was involved in roughly seven to 10 violent crime investigations in the last year

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A man has been arrested after a neighborhood was shot up, in what witnesses say was like a war zone on Jacksonville’s Northside.

Tony Brown, 19, is charged with carrying a concealed firearm, armed trespassing and marijuana possession.

His arrest report also indicates others were running from police the night of the gunfire.

The shooting brought out a SWAT investigation last week and multiple shootings have been reported on the street. Neighbors told News4JAX they don’t even sit on their porches.

Multiple assaults and burglaries have been reported on Gullege Drive in the last month.

After Thursday’s shootout, neighbors hope JSO can make more arrests.

“Bullets were flying like we were in the middle of a war,” one neighbor said of the shooting.

News4JAX went back Monday and found bullet holes in cars, windows, fences, walls and tires.

Neighbors call Gullege Drive “Dodge City.”

This literally sounded like living on the front line of an attack. It was crazy,” said the neighbor who was too scared to speak on camera or give their name.

They watched SWAT spend hours on their street on Friday. Detectives picked up bullet casings in front yards.

Neighbors say JSO is very familiar with Gullege Drive. After Thursday night’s gunfire, multiple homes were hit with gunfire. It’s amazing no one was injured, but now neighbors want to know what JSO is going to do about it.

News4JAX learned Brown was arrested while trying to hide behind a house on Gullege Drive.

In his arrest report, officers noted how an address on Gullege Drive was involved in roughly seven to 10 violent crime investigations in the last year.

Back in May, News4JAX interviewed a woman on Gullege Drive who said her home was shot up in retaliation to her 17-year-old grandson’s arrest for murder.

Neighbors are familiar with the case and they think it’s connected. News4JAX also got a tip Friday from the 17-year-old’s father who said it was retaliation.

News4JAX asked JSO on Monday if there is an existing threat or danger to this community. JSO said, “It is unknown at this time the motive for this incident” and they want citizens to speak up.

JSO said the violent crimes and crime scene unit is working on the case, and according to an arrest report, so is the gang unit.

Anyone with information is asked to call JSO or CrimeStoppers.

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