Elated Jags fans seek playoff tickets as demand increases with the possibility of prices skyrocketing

Tickets for the Jags-Titans game increased by 70%

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Tickets for the upcoming Jaguars game against the Los Angeles Chargers are quickly becoming a hot commodity in the River City following Saturday night’s big win against the Titans.

The big game will be held on Saturday, Jan. 14 at 8:15 p.m. at TIAA Bank Field in an AFC wild-card round matchup.

When checked on Monday, entire sections on the Jaguars’ side of the field were already sold out. So are most of the swanky seats in the terrace suites. If you want to sit on the 50-yard line – it’ll cost you! Those tickets are selling for upwards of $2,000 — for now.

When checked Sunday evening, the Jaguars website showed tickets range from standing room only for $139 each up to seats in the upper east club for $499 each. However, if you want to purchase on the secondary market, some verified seats on Ticketmaster via the Jaguars in section 141, outside of the club but near the field on the east side of the stadium were being offered for $10,000 for a pair.

To purchase tickets from the Jaguars, use Jaguars.com. You can also try to win tickets as a News4JAX Insider.

Based on the data from the showdown for the AFC South champion title, ticket prices can rapidly increase.

From Jan. 1 to this past Jan. 5, prices for the cheapest tickets at the Jags game increased by 58%, according to TicketIQ, a secondary market ticket seller. And with this upcoming game taking place in the playoffs, some fans believe ticket prices could be even more expensive.

Ryan Potter said he cried after witnessing the Jaguars win against the Titans and become AFC South champs -- something Jacksonville hasn’t seen happen since 2017.

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“It was amazing. It was the first time I’ve ever cried at a sporting event,” Potter said.

Potter was elated leaving the TIAA Bank Field and said the only thing that could come close to that feeling is if he could get tickets in the section he wants for the playoff game.

“It’s just so hard to get tickets to these things. If we can, we’d love to be there,” Potter said.

Caitlin said she is “digging deep” to find tickets for the Jaguars’ fifth playoff game in the team’s history.

“It’s not cheap because suddenly we haven’t done this since 2017,” Caitlin said.

According to Ticketmaster, the lowest price ticket is $139 -- that’s for standing room only.

It’s best to start buying tickets now if you’re looking to get some good seats. Based on data pulled from TicketIQ, from Jan. 1 through Jan. 5, ticket prices increased 70% for the Titans game.

Data also showed that the cheapest tickets increased by 58%.

So, hypothetically, if the least expensive ticket for the Chargers game is $139 and it increased by the same percentage, that ticket would relatively be around $219.

It’s important to remember to purchase tickets from a trusted source because you don’t want to become a victim of a scam.

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