After husky puppies make a mischievous escape, Jacksonville police officers come to the rescue

These pups are too cute

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office says police on Tuesday rescued a group of husky puppies. (Jacksonville Sheriff's Office)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – It appears a group of husky puppies was enjoying the cold temperatures so much on Tuesday that the pups just had to escape their home and explore the outdoors.

In the morning, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said, Zone 3 Officers Philip Crouch and Benjamin Syswerda rescued the puppies who were wandering in the road.

“As officers we often get dispatched to all different types of calls, but not often are they puppy related,” JSO said.

And, fortunately, the dogs have already been returned to their owners.

Thanks, JSO!

Police say the puppies were returned to their owners. (Jacksonville Sheriff's Office)