Jacksonville will head to the polls in 55 days to once again vote for mayor, but will more voters turn out?

Low voter turnout: If you didn’t vote Tuesday, why not?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Voter turnout during last night’s election was just 25%, one of the lowest in two decades in a Jacksonville election.

Disgust, surprised...that’s what some are saying about the low turnout.

There was an expectation that Duval County would reach a somewhat normal turnout for this election, but as Tuesday wore on, it was obvious people were not showing up to vote.

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When News4JAX asked Jacksonville residents why they didn’t show up, was it the negative campaigning? Was it the number of candidates? Some told us, they just really weren’t interested.

“I don’t know, I just never really I guess, I really haven’t done my political research for the city and all the people here running and everything so, you know that piqued my interest,” Brandon Wilson, who did not vote, said.

Sylvester Greene also did not vote and said, “I just didn’t. I just...busy working, just no time.”

Here’s what some News4JAX insiders told us when we asked why they didn’t vote:

  • “Simple, all candidates ran ineffective campaigns”
  • “It makes no difference, none whatsoever.”
  • “There will be no change.”

When News4JAX asked Supervisor of Elections, Mike Hogan, about the 25% voter turnout, he said, “That really is a disgusting number to me. If you’re a citizen you have a duty and that is to vote, that is your job to elect your elected leaders. I can’t understand why people stay home.”

We want to know: If you didn’t vote yesterday, why not? Let us know below.

The deadline to register to vote in the May election is April 17. Early voting begins May 1, and the general election is May 16.

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