🔒 Insider Vault: John Gaughan at WJKS

We’re celebrating 30 years of John Gaughan at News4JAX.

At the end of May, the Chief Meteorologist is retiring alongside another 30-year member of the WJXT family, anchor Mary Baer. News4JAX will be honoring them all month long by reflecting on their time here in Jacksonville. Here’s what Insiders should expect:

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🔛 Connect4: What question do you have for Mary Baer and/or John Gaughan?

📹 Insider Vault: Videos of Mary and John’s years at Channel 4

🔊 First-look at podcast featuring Mary, John and anchor Tom Wills discussing their experiences at WJXT

Bittersweet announcement: Mary Baer and John Gaughan to retire from WJXT-TV after 30 years

To watch a video of John when he first arrived in Jacksonville in 1992 to work for the local ABC affiliate, WJKS 17, click the picture below:

John Gaughan first began forecasting weather in Jacksonville in 1988 at WJKS 17. (WJXT)

📊 Changing of the guard

We also need our Insiders to help us rename the Gaughan Gauge. John is handing over his Chief Meteorologist title to Richard Nunn and we’ll need a new way to rank the next day’s forecast.

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The Weather Authority Chief Meteorologist John Gaughan has been using the Gaughan Gauge to help you get a sense of the next day's forecast for 30 years. What should we call it when Richard Nunn takes over the job in June? (WJXT)

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