Power outages, crumbling infrastructure, flooding and leaks: Report details ongoing issues at Jaguars stadium

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Photos released in a report from Jacksonville Jaguars this week show glaring problems with the team’s current stadium and illustrate why it says a complete remodel is desperately needed.

The photos are part of a report the team put together based on information gathered during the town hall meetings held across the city last month where nearly 2,000 people attended to talk about the proposed stadium renovations.

The images in the report show issues with electrical systems, food service, infrastructure and plumbing, among other things.

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Ann Holmes has been a fan of the Jacksonville Jaguars since the team came to the city in the 1990s. She said it’s a relationship that has gone through its ups and downs. This past season was definitely a peak, especially with the team holding meetings with people in the city to talk about the future of the stadium.

“That’s very important to keep the fans important to keep the fans informed of the different things,” Holmes said.

Following those meetings, where people could give their feedback, the team released a 99-page report detailing some of the key takeaways.

It talks about the Jaguars concerns and addresses them, like creating new parking spaces.

But 68 pages into the report there’s a section that reads “TIAA Bank Field Building Failures.”

It talks about the electrical problems, emergency generators being 25 years old and past their life expectancy. And also food service issues, saying concession stand floors need to be redone and have “become a safety issue as well as health inspection challenge.”

There was a severe rodent problem and there’s a security camera coverage issue, among other glaring problems at the stadium that was built in 1995.

News4Jax showed the report to Holmes.

“That lets everybody and the fans and everyone know that we need a new stadium,” she said.

The report also goes over how many work order requests people at the stadium made in the 2021-2022 season, an average of six requests per day.

One fan said they appreciate the team being this open and honest.

“Hearing that lets us know there is a plan to progress. And to know that I didn’t know any of that was going on I’m thankful and I’m appreciative of the insight of what’s going on,” Raijeen McCloud said.

The report also talked about how there are roof and structure issues.

The team declined to let News4JAX see the issues inside the stadium.

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