Second opportunity to receive tax-free discount on hurricane preparedness items starts Saturday

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – If you missed the first hurricane supply sales tax holiday in May at the beginning of hurricane season, your second chance to receive a few savings is Saturday, which comes just as a developing system is brewing in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico.

The Florida Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday begins Saturday and lasts for two weeks until Friday, Sept. 8.

Some of the items you can purchase without a sales tax are laundry detergent, toilet paper, paper towels, paper napkins, hand soap, body wash, cleaning or disinfecting wipes and sprays, hand sanitizer, and dog or cat food.

When the next hurricane or tropical storm knocks out electricity in the area, Lowes’s store manager Brian Daniel said you want to be prepared by having the right generator.

“Customers will be coming in to get generators, water, and gas cans to make sure they have the fuel to operate those generators are typically what we see go off the shelves first,” Daniel said.

Small generators are good for keeping the lights on and running devices and appliances that don’t require a lot of electricity.

“If you’re looking to run more than that, you want to go to the 6500-watt range and maybe the 7500,” he said.

Daniel said those models won’t power the entire house.

“These models won’t be able to run the entire house at one time, but you can operate a refrigerator, ceiling fan, floor fans, and portable air conditioners. Keep that power running that will keep you comfortable running during a power outage,” Daniel said.

There are generators that are eligible for tax-free purchase — as long as they are under $3000. Unfortunately, generators that can power your entire home cost significantly more and are not eligible as a tax-free purchase.

Lowes will also provide signs throughout the store that indicate what item qualifies for the tax-free discount.

For more items exempt from sales tax during the holiday, click here.

Florida’s Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday starts Saturday (News4JAX)

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