Jags fans frustrated by team’s dismal start to season

This as the team heads to UK for two weeks, plus kids have a new way to watch the game on Disney-Plus

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The hopes were so high for the Jaguars going into this season. But coming off last season’s run in the playoff the team has had a rough start and now has a record of one and two.

There had been expectations following last year’s unexpected run into the second round of the NFL Playoffs that the team would recreate that magic this season. But sitting at one win and two losses fans are starting to waver.

“Kind of dropped the ball against the Houston Texans. Got a lot of work to do,” said fan Mark Clements.

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The team won their opener against Indianapolis then lost their second game to Kansas City. That loss was somewhat understandable being the Chiefs won the Super Bowl. But the Jags were favored to beat the Houston Texans and that didn’t happen. Not even close. The final was 37-17.

“I’m just tired of them seems like same old thing,” said former Jaguars fan Victor Veres. “It’s bizarre. I mean they should have won that game yesterday. They’re better than the Texans.”

The team is on the road the next two weeks in London. And the game this coming weekend against Atlanta may actually have a bonus for fans tired of watching the team. Particularly if those fans are children.

Disney-Plus has partnered with ESPN-Plus to simulcast the game in cartoon form. As the actual action happens on the field, Disney will have all the characters from the Toy Story franchise recreate the game in real time.

ESPN and NFL bring first-of-its kind animated presentation of the Falcon and Jaguars in Andy's Room (ESPN)
Toy Story Funday Football, a Real-Time Alternate Presentation, Streams Sunday Morning, October 1, at 9:30 a.m. ET on Disney+ and ESPN+ (ESPN)

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