Seafood restaurant and sandwich shop fail inspections forcing temporary closures before Valentine’s Day

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – Timoti’s Seafood Shak off Park Street in Jacksonville had a total of four violations when an inspector visited the restaurant on February 13th. The three basic violations were filed as a result of:

  1. Floor areas near sink and walk-in cooler covered with standing water, 
  2. Fish thawing in standing water,
  3. Walk-in freezer shelves encrusted with food debris to the point white growth was visible on some shelving

Timoti’s one high priority violation comes from sewage and wastewater that had backed up through three of the drains. It was also listed in the report that the inspector witnessed two employees walk through the wastewater to reach the walk-in cooler to prep table and to cook line area. No love lost for the restaurant on Valentine’s Day. Timoti’s corrected the issues and reopened the next day.

The Famous Sandwiches and Subs off San Juan Ave racked up 17 violations on February 13. Several of the violations were basic, including an employee placing his or her phone on the prep table and a leaky faucet.

There were 8 high priority violations. The notable ones include the inspector finding nine live roaches behind a white chest in the freezer. The inspector also found a manager on staff did not have his or her proper food manager certification.

The sub shop was also reprimanded for out of date and expired cooked liver. Famous Sandwiches and Subs corrected the violations and reopened the next day.

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