New York restaurant owner starts Pay It Forward wall

One New York restaurant owner thought the pandemic could ruin his business--- instead he is on a mission to keep people from going hungry.

One New York restaurant owner thought the pandemic would ruin his business but instead, he’s now recruiting others to help keep people from going hungry.

It all started with making sure kids had enough food, but now it’s evolved into something much bigger.

The Chickadee Human Eatery started a Pay It Forward post-it wall. People make a donation at the register and then they post the amount on the wall.

Someone in need can come in and use one of those post-its as payment.

The owner, David Caramanna, said things took off. In just two weeks the wall generated $5,000.

There’s even a section on the wall specifically for first responders.

He said all of the generosity is astounding.

“Gentleman came in and I thought he was looking for a free meal and gave me $100. I see people start to appreciate what we had before and just wanting to help anyone that they can,” said Caramanna.

Businesses have also pitched in. \Some are helping him offer $5 dinners. Others have donated bread and pizza to help keep his stock full.

Caramanna said he is going to keep making food until the city tells him he has to close or until he passes out from exhaustion.

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