Crab shack and sushi house reopen after emergency shutdowns by health inspectors

Jville Crab Shack Number 3 on N Edeweood Ave and Volcano Sushi on Hodges Blvd. underwent closures after failing health inspections.
Jville Crab Shack Number 3 on N Edeweood Ave and Volcano Sushi on Hodges Blvd. underwent closures after failing health inspections. (Copyright 2020 by WJXT News4Jax - All rights reserved.)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A visit from state health inspectors forced the closures of two Jacksonville-area restaurants during inspections conducted the week of May 3.

Flies were found at both restaurants. The inspector counted 102 live flies at the Volcano Sushi House and noted they were in the kitchen, food preparation area, and food storage. The restaurant had a total of 14 violations (8 Basic, 3 Intermediate, and 3 High Priority).

I spoke with the manager of Volcano Sushi House. He’s asking for grace for customers saying the restaurant had been closed for a month and a half. All of the restaurant’s food had to be thrown away, but a trashcan had been left inside the building. He thinks that what attracted the flies.

Upon hearing Governor DeSantis’ order that restaurant could reopen with fewer restrictions on Friday, they had the building cleaned but pest control wasn’t available immediately.

The manager said, “We saw had a problem. Then we acted as quickly as possible and did everything to fix it.”

Volcano Sushi House scored a perfect report with not a single violation when the inspector returned for the follow-up. Volcano Sushi reopened two days after its failing inspection.

VOLCANO SUSHI HOUSE: Failing Inspection Report | Return Inspection Report

State health inspectors found 34 violations and required three follow-up inspections after a May 7 surprise inspection at Jville Crab Shack Number 3.

The inspector required the shack to undergo an emergency shutdown due to health concerns after finding food contaminated by employees, 14 live flies, 6 dead roaches, temperature abuse of improperly stored seafood, and raw sewage leaking from a pipe on the grounds in the kitchen.

Referring to the sewage the inspection reads “In the back kitchen area, the triple sink has no pipes connected to take wastewater from sink to floor drain. The floor drain is approximately 3 feet from the triple sink. Wastewater is moving from the sink into the floor and into this floor drain. Employees are walking through wastewater. There is no other way for the establishment to wash, rinse, and sanitize dishes/utensils.”

When I asked the owner about the inspection report, he denied the other violations and said the restaurant only had a broken pipe. The inspector allowed the restaurant to reopen the same day but the inspector had to return three times for follow-up visits.

On the third follow up, Jville Crab Shack Number Three had a perfect report with no violations.

JVILLE CRAB SHACK NUMBER 3: Failing Inspection Report | Return Inspection Report | Return 2 Inspection Report | Return 3 Inspection Report

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