Food4Frontline: Orange Park Medical Center nurses treated to lunch

VIDEO:Restaurants continue to deliver breakfast and lunch for frontline workers - as part of our Food4Frontline initiative.

ORANGE PARK, Fla. – Restaurants continue to deliver breakfast and lunch for frontline workers as part of the Food4Frontline campaign.

At Orange Park Medical Center in Clay County, 250 nurses were treated to lunch on Thursday. The nurses on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic were grateful for a break in the day to enjoy the lunch, courtesy of our News4Jax viewers.

“It’s been very nice having the community reach out and support us, and this being the beginning of Nurses Week, it’s the perfect time,” said Nicole Schillace, Nurse Manager Cardiovascular Services at Orange Park Medical Center. “It’s been a long couple of months, but we are excited to get back to normal. We’ve opened up opening up for elective surgeries.”

And your contributions aren’t just helping the medical community. Small businesses, like our partner Mission BBQ, have benefitted, too.

“We at Mission BBQ, we’re just here to serve the front line. We’re just trying to help the people that are serving the people at the hospital,” said Thomas Propp, Director of Operation for Mission BBQ in North Georgia. “We’re just doing what we can to help right now.”

The Food4Frontline campaign is designed to give viewers a way to show their gratitude to those on the front lines through donations, and also gives a much-needed boost to hard-hit small businesses.