Couple gets hitched on field at Jacksonville’s baseball grounds

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – There was love in the air Friday night at 121 Financial Ball Park, the home of the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp, where a couple took the leap.

Annie Hartley, the bride, arrived at the main gate wearing white with daisies in her hair and an elegant beaded mask.

“He said, ’We’ll just go to the courthouse,’ and I said, ’Blah,” Hartley said.

Jim McQueen, the groom, was at the third base gate. Admittedly, he had a few jitters and he was wearing a Boston Red Sox mask.

“We’re both avid baseball fans, so she had a good idea. I didn’t think about it, she did,” McQueen said.

One of their first dates was at the baseball grounds, specifically a Jacksonville Suns game before the team changed its name.

Their honeymoon was supposed to be a trip to a Yankees/Red Sox game at Fenway Park in Boston...

“Of course with COVID, that’s just not happening. And our wedding date passed, and our honeymoon week passed and he said, ’Let’s just get married,” Harley said.

So they did, on the field -- ahead of a 9 p.m. showing on Horror Movie Night at the ballpark. They said their “I dos” in front of friends and dozens of perfect strangers.

After their wedding, they brought a quilt and stayed for the movie.

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