Help us celebrate National Volunteer Week

What are you doing for National Volunteer Week? Share your efforts with us

Share your Random Jax of Kindness
Share your Random Jax of Kindness

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – National Volunteer Week kicks off on April 18 and we want to give you a head start on your Positively Jax efforts.

So if you’ve been looking for a way to support a good cause but haven’t been able to find the right opportunity for you, look no further.

There’s an organization called VolunteerMatch that pairs volunteers with volunteerism opportunities. All you’ve got to do is log on to the group’s website and look for the newest opportunities in your area.

For instance, you could tutor, foster pets, or help lost animals get home. The best part is, it’s up to you.

No matter what you decide to do, be sure to share your volunteerism photos with us on SnapJax. Why? Because we want to celebrate your efforts on air and online. Just click here to upload them to SnapJax.