5 cake-decorating tips from Alleycakes Bakery

Celebrate National Cake Decorating Day with these sweet tricks

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Saturday marks National Cake Decorating Day, which means it’s the perfect opportunity to take your baking skills the next level.

To help you celebrate this occasion, Alleycakes Bakery in Neptune Beach shared five cake-decorating tips that will help even the most novice bakers:

1. Use A Cake Turntable

A cake turntable is a rotating plate that spins in a circle as you turn it. Turning the cake in a circular motion not only makes it easier to frost, but it looks better as well.

2. Level Your Cake

An important step in decorating is making sure your cake is leveled. This means cutting the top of the cake completely flat so the layers won’t wobble. In a sawing motion, cut the cake at the top in an even fashion to make sure it is completely leveled.

3. Apply A Crumb Coat

What exactly is a crumb coat? A crumb coat is the first frosting layer of the cake that seals in the cake’s crumbs with a light layer of icing. After the crumb coat is applied, the cake should be chilled for about 30 minutes. This step is extremely important as it keeps the next layers of icing smooth and even.

4. Frost with A Bench Scraper

A bench scraper, or a pastry scraper, is a flat, rectangular piece of metal that helps the icing go on super smooth. Using a bench scraper and a turn table at the same time creates a beautifully iced cake.

5. Practice Your Piping

There are many different varieties of piping techniques and tools. Piping creates fun effects on the cake and adds a great finishing touch.