Hauntings At the St. Augustine Lighthouse! | River City Live

Our River City Live crew revisited the St. Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum. This time around it was an entirely different visit. Keeping with the spirit of Halloween, we wanted to learn about the Dark of the Moon Ghost Tours.

Not only do you get to hear scary stories based on real history, you also get to walk around the historic grounds at night and investigate with EMF readers that detect electromagnetic fields AKA ghosts. So how haunted is the St. Augustine Lighthouse? Well the national TV show Ghost Hunters found positive evidence of it being haunted and USA Today put it on the list of top 10 haunted destinations in the US. Still feeling brave?

The story of the Pittee sisters might sway you. Over 145 years ago they lived onsite during the construction of the current lighthouse and tragically died in an accident. There have been numerus stories of these playful spirits having fun with guest from playing hide and go seek to tying visitors shoelaces together. Still feeling brave??

There are accounts of guests talking to reenactment actors at the lighthouse that provided historic details of the lighthouse history. The scary part, there are no and there has never been reenactment actors at the St. Augustine lighthouse.