Vinyl 101 - A Lesson in Caring For Your Records | River City Live

By Eden Kendall

It was Christmas Eve when my daughter, the one I called the girl child, unwrapped a gift from her brother. It was a turntable and a few albums. And well, she loved it. She had no clue how to use it. Of course, it didn’t take long for her old dad me to impart everything we could remember about our days playing music on vinyl. The experience got me thinking about the resurgence in popularity the medium has enjoyed.

I visited William Brueck, who owns Yesterday and Today Records on Hendrix Blvd. in San Marco. He explained to me why the imperfect sound of vinyl might be preferred. He said, “records are actually being played, you can go and look online and they have like 100 times magnification of what an actual vinyl looks like when it’s playing. It’s actually a Soundwave carved into plastic… you’re getting 100% that’s the way the artist wanted.”

I told William there might be some lapses in my own memory about caring for records to which he replied, " You can’t be scared of records, we have people who, like they’ll grab a record in their you know, cradle that like it’s a like a infant baby or something. You don’t have to be quite that careful. But records do carry scars.”

He said to clean records you can use distilled water, alcohol or retail cleaning solutions along with a soft cloth.. William also suggested that those new to vinyl not purchase too many new records at once, but rather enjoy the shopping experience and add more slowly to their collection.