JaxBest museum: The Brumos Collection | River City Live

When I came to Jacksonville to join the River City Live family, I was tasked with roaming all over Jacksonville to find interesting nuggets about the city. Mission accomplished many times over. I didn’t know much about the city, so I enjoy discovering the history and new situations that showcase that history.

You, our local experts, voted The Brumos Collection as the JaxBest museum. In my mind, I envisioned a classic museum that might be able to bring a piece of an exhibit, talk about its history and how that piece might have contributed to said museum being labeled the best. After some research, I realized this warehouse of history and classic cars (mostly race cars) could not and should not be seen in pieces.

I rolled over to San Pablo Rd. in my not so classic car and was intimidated by the Jurassic Park style gates that greet you when the museum is closed. Once I passed through, I was immediately inundated with historical pieces that are just a teaser of what to expect once you make the short drive to the front and enter more large doors. Entering the building is like walking into a shiny scene of race cars that puts the Fast and Furious franchise to shame.

I am not a gear head by any stretch, and you may not be either. But you can’t help but become hypnotized by the history, craftsmanship and beauty of the cars on display in the main showroom. Cars range in age from 1904 to 2017. The newer models are Porsche focused as they were once part of the Brumos Racing team. It is an interactive spectacle that people of all ages will enjoy.

Unfortunately, I was only able to get a sampler platter of the experience due to time constraints, but best believe, I will be going back and feasting on the buffet of history and fast cars.