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JaxBest water sports rentals: St. Augustine Sailing | River City Live

Ahoy Maties!

Typically, I envisioned renting a standup paddleboard, a kayak or a surfboard when it comes to Jax Best water sports rentals category. If you really wanted to stretch the imagination, maybe a jet ski!

Nope. You, our local experts, voted St. Augustine Sailing as the choice for Jacksonville’s best watersports rentals. I had the opportunity to chat with owner, Rose Ann Points about all the things they offer. I learned that they rent big toys, more like big boats. And it is more about the experience than anyone renting a boat, per se.

Her family owned business has multiple excursion opportunities for those who want to see St. Augustine and the Jacksonville coastline comforted in the knowledge that someone else is captaining the ship. Offering sunset and sunrise type cruises, along with excursions that focus on dolphin sighting go hand in hand with marriage proposal opportunities and dinner dates with a chef and full menu.

They also offer training classes for those interested in learning how to sail these big vessels. It won’t get you a full license, but it lays a foundation for future classes that will get you to the promised land.

Rose was smart and did not allow me to show off my yacht rock skills...especially after she learned about my seasickness issues. For those of you that are interested, I look forward to seeing your pictures enjoying the open waters. Any of my segments on the ocean, usually end up with me balled in a fetal position looking green.