JaxBest trail: Jacksonville Arboretum and Botanical Gardens

Our local experts of our JaxBest campaign presented by Visit Jacksonville love what they like. So Jacksonville Arboretum with the extended title of Botanical Gardens has now won three times for JaxBest trail (hiking, biking, or running).

If you missed my earlier post about my inability to hike, note it now! Though when I consider how accessible the park is to people of all abilities, I think my excuses would fall on deaf ears. While there are dirt tracks and trails, many areas have been upgraded and paved to accommodate ADA suggestions. Yep, sounds like I’ll have to make the trek happen sooner rather than never.

I still won’t run it! Though, why would you? With so much beauty from the foliage, the animals, water reservoirs and the aforementioned botanical gardens, you would definitely miss some of the vibe of embracing nature at its best.

Dana Doody and her team of volunteers have created an area that is inviting to any and everyone. You can go hang out and just enjoy being in the moment, but there are plenty of educational opportunities available with descriptions of almost everything you might see and encounter on their trails. They also offer tours and various classes for those who are so inclined to engage their brain in nature, as well.

With some of the new activations they are planning and launching including the Dazzling Nights feature that will light up the arboretum in a few days and the holidays, there is no reason not to check out the trails in person. It is a creation from the Memoir Agency in Orlando that features multiple displays of lights and sounds that will allow for a much different perspective when hiking the trails of the arboretum. Feel free to write and share your experience on our Facebook page. Maybe you will be the inspiration to get me out there for an extended visit myself.