Fast Eddy’s makes food with love!

You need only to visit the Fast Eddy’s Quick Mideast website to learn how special this Baymeadows eatery and it’s owners truly are. You’ll find gems like this:

“The story of Fast Eddy started in the desert of Iraq with a simple, beautiful 20-year-old Armenian girl named Arshalous (Arsha) falling in love with an honest, caring Chaldean doctor 20 years her senior named Emmanuel (Manu) Battah. Dr. Battah had taken care of Arsha’s father and also pierced her ears for the first time. "

The site further explains that “Fast Eddy lives in all the First-Generation Americans who grew up in America and savored and enjoyed the cultures and food of two worlds. This place, this food, is who we are and a great deal of what we enjoyed eating from the world’s greatest Middle Eastern cook of all time, our Momma Arsha, who always said, “Our food is so good because we make it with so much love.”'