Creating a beautiful KY Derby table using what you already have!

Our friend Donna Reynolds joins our show to tell you how to create a beautiful Kentucky Derby set up... with products that you already have around the house! One tip that Donna mentioned is setting up a beautiful hat decorating station for the kids. Here are some easy steps to create a fun Kentucky Derby hat:

1. Find an old hat!

You can’t have the Kentucky Derby without the hat! Find an old hat, preferably one with a wide brim, that you can decorate. If you don’t have one laying around the house you can purchase a cheap straw hat through Amazon or even head to your local dollar store.

2. Decide on a design

The possibilities are endless! Help your kids pick a fun theme or color scheme and brainstorm how you can create a fun hat.

3. Gather the accessories

Scary Mommy says: “Of course, you can use just about anything you see fit to decorate your Derby hat. Drawn to sparkle? Bust out the sequins. Feeling artistic? Try a custom “mural.” Want to stand out? Grab themed-figures and build a scene on your brim. Visit your local craft store to find supplies and get your creative juices flowing. Once you know exactly what you want to use, you can fill in any gaps with online ordering.” You can find more tips from Scary Mommy at their website here.

4. Break out the glue gun!

Break out the glue gun and start decorating! A good rule of thumb is making sure every area of the hat, not just the front, is decorate evenly. Then, you’re ready to celebrate the Kentucky Derby!