A warehouse of Legos for local charity ‘V for Victory’

V for Victory began in 2017 after a local business owner’s son was diagnosed with cancer. Executive Director, Jacklyn Overby told Eden Kendall " A cancer diagnosis shakes a family to it’s core, the family is face with unthinkable uncertainties and challenges and yet the outside world, and every day responsibilities continue to move forward. This Jacksonville business (V Pizza) owner saw firsthand how deeply the entire family is impacted when a loved one is battling cancer and how overwhelming it can be to focus on something as simple as lawn service or cooking a meal. Using his background in business, he developed a unique model of service delivery.” A non-profit dedicated to activating local businesses and individuals in support of families in their community. This life-changing event forged an unbreakable bond between V for Victory and V Pizza, and has made a positive impact in the lives of hundreds of families battling cancer.