Afrofuturism and the Black Metaverse

The celebration of Juneteenth is a historic event that changed the scope of life for African slaves. Finally receiving freedom that was provided by Abraham Lincoln through the Emancipation Proclamation. It was not for some time that slaves in Texas and other parts of this nation realized that they were legally free as Union soldiers spread the word as they traveled across the land.

Today we see the joyous celebrations, results of freedoms that were denied for hundreds of years. Blacks and those of the Diaspora each year celebrate Juneteenth with renewed enthusiasm to remember the importance of pressing forward to improve their lives and each generation to come. Afrofuturism and Black Meta Fest Juneteenth 157 will be taking these celebrations to a new level with in-person and metaverse celebrations. Youth, teens and young adults nationally and globally are the key to future generations of prosperity and success.

Jason and Monica Marley’s vision to celebrate, educate and empower. William and Aida Jackson, educators with a vision to empower youth, teens and young adults with STEAM and Metaverse engagement and digital art celebration. Emmanuel Washington with video production expertise and others contributing to these wonderful events across the city, across the nation and on a global scale.