Mental Wellness Wednesday | Back to school tips to stay focused

It’s back to school week and you may have noticed your child already struggling to concentrate. Here are a few research-based tips to help your student stay focused:


It may sound counter intuitive but brain imaging shows that your brain is actually MORE active when you daydream compared to performing a routine task. WHY? Daydreaming activates the same areas of the brain as when you are thinking creatively (default mode network). This means that you can benefit from daydreaming.


You probably know the research that moving helps you learn more. But did you know that just 30 mins of moving while learning can significantly increase math and spelling grades! One longitudinal study reported that when students learned using movements like jumping, taking large and small steps, squatting and air punches, their grades were significantly higher than their peers who learned while sitting down.

Breathe in

Scientists have found that breathing in essential oils such as rosemary and peppermint can improve working memory, because they prevent the breakdown of an important brain signal called acetylcholine.