What’s the best beginner pet?

Sabrina Clark From Clark’s Critters Discusses All Things Reptiles!

Sabrina Clark from Clark’s Critters joins River City Live to discuss which animals would make the best beginner pet... and which do not. Here’s what Sabrina recommends:

Good beginner pets:

1. Bearded dragon: Bearded dragons are good pets because they are generally peaceful and nice reptiles. They also love to be held. When not being held they usually keep to themselves.

2. Red foot tortoise: This is one of the most popular tortoises to have as a pet. They thrive in captivity and are best suited to people who maintain a daily schedule and want a life-long friend (they live up to 90 years!).

Bad beginner pets:

1. Boa: While boas do make good pets, they aren’t exactly fit for a beginner. They tend to grow to a giant size and need a lot more care than the average pet.

2. Giant Tortoise: Just like the boa, the giant tortoise tends to grow to a massive size which isn’t easy for a beginner to handle.

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