Woman of the Week | Dr. Wendy Joyce Sherman

We are celebrating women every week.

When you tune in to River City Live, you can nominate a woman in your life to be the Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery Woman of the Week. All you have to do is tell us why she’s deserving of the title, and she could be picked to win a fabulous prize.

Each winner will receive a gift bag from Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery and a $100 complimentary consultation at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery.

At the end of 2023, one grand prize winner will be picked, and that woman will receive $10,000 to be used in services at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery. How fantastic does that sound?

Meet one of our winners Dr. Wendy Joyce Sherman

“My wife is an incredible human.  She helps people who are at the most vulnerable point in their life.  She treats and prolongs the lives of people who are fighting brain cancer. My wife is a nuero-oncologist at the Mayo Clinic.   And she is also a full time mom of two young girls (4&8), who adore and look up to her.  Both our daughters say they also want to become doctors when they get older. Her work at the Mayo clinic is multifaceted and includes heavy research to find treatments and perhaps even a cure for some of the most serious brain cancers.

She also helps the Jacksonville community by seeing anywhere from 11-23 patients on her clinic days!   Because she is involved in cutting edge research she is able to include some of her patients on the trials.   The trials often have promising results and in some case have been able to extend the life of many patients. This year Wendy organized and co-sponsored a 5k run through Head for the Cure.  They were able to raise over 41k for brain cancer patient support and research! Wendy is also an outstanding mother and a loving wife.   She always manages to attend all of our important events.

 She attends basketball games, dance recitals, and swim meets for both our girls.   Wendy also makes it a point to have date nights with her husband (me) every week.   It allows us to catch-up and reconnect.  My wife is the most warm-hearted, caring, & genuine, person I’ve ever met.  She is selfless and is always ready to help others.   And that is why I believe she deserves this award.