Mandalla Music Jax Best Local Band Winner - 3x

Mandalla, the three-time winner of Jax Best Local Band Award, is set to release their first music single titled “Shots’'. Written and produced by the band members, the song is a clubby sounding track with a mixture of dance and Latin flavors in both English and Spanish.

“Shots” is a reflection of Mandalla’s unique style and musicality. The band has spent countless hours in the studio perfecting this song and is excited to share it with their fans. With its catchy beat and electrifying rhythm, “Shots” is guaranteed to get listeners up and dancing.

The song is available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. “Shots” is also accompanied by a music video, which features the band members in a vibrant and colorful setting that perfectly captures the energy of the song.

Mandalla has been making waves in the music industry with their powerful performances and dynamic sound. Their talent has been recognized by the Jax Best award three times, solidifying their status as one of the city’s most exciting bands.

“Shots” is just the beginning for Mandalla, and they are already working on new material for their fans. The band hopes to continue pushing the boundaries of their music and sharing their passion with the world.

Mandalla Band is a 4 piece band based in Jacksonville, FL. You can enjoy their live music performances every weekend around town. For more information on Mandalla and their music, please visit their website at