Genius kitchen gadget guide with Anne Roy

Time now for some genius kitchen gadgets… that you never knew you needed! Anne Roy shares her finds:

First up, an item to keep food fresh longer, and replace over 2,000 square feet of plastic! Goldilocks Goods offers beeswax wraps. Made from 100% cotton, beeswax from Canadian bees, tree rosin for stickiness, and jojoba oil for softness. It’s a sandwich wrap, a bowl cover, a berry basket, and an icing piping bag. The wraps and food will stay fresher longer. Toss after a year of use.

Kuppy’s innovative design is the perfect drying rack for your reusable water bottles, wine glasses, tumblers, or protein shakers. The premium matte silicone finish holds your drinkware snug, keeps it off of dirty counters and dish mats. The horizontal air slots allow for faster drying and can reduce odor and bacteria. Ditch the old rack, and upgrade to Kuppy! Comes in a variety of colors.

The ThawTHAT Modern is a defroster that boasts a rapid-defrosting capability that locks in all the natural juices inside your seafood, pork, steak, and poultry. The proprietary thermal liquid reservoir generates energy to draw away cold from the thawing surface. No pre-heating, no batteries, and no electricity required!

The next-generation MeatStick 4X smart wireless meat thermometer with quad sensors can withstand the harshest cooking environments, withstanding meat temperatures of up to 212°F (stainless steel probe) and 572°F (ceramic handle) for 70+ hours. The Stick’s range goes up to 164ft; up to 33ft in oven/grill. The MeatStick 4X Charger includes a built-in Xtender to extend the Stick’s Bluetooth range up to 164ft indoors or 650ft outdoors. A separate WiFi Bridge connects to your WiFi Network, and links up to any 8 Sticks, allowing you to access real-time temperatures anywhere with the internet. RCL viewers can get a 10% discount on all The MeatStick products available with the code RCL10. No minimum purchase requirements and one use per customer.

With the Bartesian cocktail maker, you can experience the quality ingredients and premium pours you’d expect from a cocktail lounge in your own home – all at the touch of a button. Fill the Bartesian cocktail maker with your favorite brands of: Vodka, Tequila, Whiskey, Gin or Rum, as well as water. Then, insert your desired Bartesian capsules, which contain all the premium bitters, extracts, juice concentrates, and mixers that would otherwise need to be individually sourced, purchased, and stored. No recipes, no mixing, and no cleanup.