Spring beauty with Noreen Young

It’s spring and it’s time to refresh and renew. I love spring! How about you?

As we enter another season let’s think about trying and learning something new. Refresh our spaces and create some new rituals.

Here are my favorite ways to welcome Spring!

Flowers 💐 or potted plants are always a good idea for indoors too. They are pretty to look at, boost our mood and brighten our spaces in our homes or offices. Plants also purify your air naturally.

Treat Yourself to an inexpensive or luxe bouquet and enjoy! You don’t need someone to buy you flowers or for there to be a special occasion. Every day we’re alive is a special. Right?

Refresh your car we spend a lot of time in it. Sprinkle the carpets with a mix of baking soda and a few sprinkles of essential oil in it. You don’t need lots. Shake this on your car carpet and leave it a few minutes and vacuum. It will refresh your carpet.

Add a fun factor scent in your car on your rear view mirror. I found a brand called Dangle It and they create the most adorable scent refreshers. You can create online on. Few easy steps. I chose the scent Island Breeze for the station. And the best part? You create it by uploading your very own photos!!!

It could be of your new baby, your dog, your kitty cat, your husbands face even your business logo. So stinking cute! www.dangle it.com

*If you want them and don’t want a fragrance order without and enjoy the picture view dangling from your mirror.

Baths are another way we can refresh and escape on. If you haven’t had a bath in awhile and just take showers, get going and take a relaxing soothing and skin softening bath. Guys love baths too.

If you prefer showers. Add eucalyptus bran eyes to your shower head. Or spray the shower down before you head into the shower with a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil and water. The spray bottle mix can be used over and over. It’s an aromatic SPA trick.

*I find it clears the sinuses a bit too.

You can even add a rubber ducky and some bath fizzies too.

I have a few recipes for you to try on my beauty and lifestyle blog. All you need is very few ingredients and your tub filled with water. Your body will thank you I promise. Who knows you might just fall in love with this longtime self care ritual!

Create a corner in your home with an aromatic candle, incense or a salt lamp and grab your favorite drink. Take time to enjoy and read a book or some new spring magazines too. I discovered a few new ones.

My NEW book find is called The Art of The Lips by Vlada. Originally from the Ukraine and living in California. She’s known as:

@vladamua on Instagram If you love art and makeup 💄 like I do! You’ll love and have to own this just launched book.

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