SUP Yoga | Florida Yoga & Paddle Co.

Today we met with Kate Vallas, the owner of Florida Yoga & Paddle Co. to talk about her SUP Yoga Classes on the water at Wicked Barley. She started teaching yoga during college in 2003, and was given the opportunity to teach Stand-up Paddleboard Yoga in 2010, at the former Black Creek Outfitters. She has since branched off to create her own company in 2017 and found the perfect spot for it at Wicked Barley Brewery. Kate teaches classes on the weekends and likes to end each outing with a delicious pint from the brewery. Kate believes there’s not much better than incorporating the ancient practice of yoga with the new sport of paddleboarding. It’s a beautiful “balance”. If you want to learn more, you can visit her webpage at or follow her on Instagram: @flyp_yogapaddleco and Facebook: Florida Yoga and Paddle Co.