Unique Mother’s Day gifts

What to get your mom for Mother’s Day? It can be hard, especially if she says she has everything she needs. Anne Roy shares some unique and useful gifts to celebrate the special person that MOM is.

Artistscent creates beautiful scented candles in partnership with artists. Each candle’s design is thoughtfully derived from an original piece of art and is permanently screened onto reusable glass vessels. Artistscent works closely with the artists to create custom fragrances that complement each piece and bring it to a new dimension. artistscent.com

Cadence Capsules are a customizable, magnetic, and leakproof bestselling bundle of six. You select tiles and colors that pair with your unique routine. The capsules are guaranteed 100% actually leakproof, watertight and airtight. Fill with any personal care product – from retinol serums to shampoos and more. keepyourcadence.com

A new addition to the Cincha Travel accessory brand is the travel belt bag! It is created to be your best companion for the long travel days, sightseeing strolls, and all the small errand running in between. It works as both a sling and travel belt. Available in 5 colors! Cinchatravel.com

The ScalpFacial is the ultimate self-care secret weapon. It is an at-home salon treatment that nourishes your scalp. Bursting with essential oils, the ScalpFacial promotes healthy hair growth and is paraben, silicone and sulfate free. It comes in 2 formulas, one for dry hair and one for oily hair. Gioje.com

The Courant’s Mag:2 is the perfect accessory for an iPhone and AirPods user. You can magnetically snap-on your iPhone (12/13/14 versions) and place your wireless charging AirPods on the base. This unique, sleek design, inspired by home decor, works best on your desk or bedside. staycourant.com