Return to campus as BEST DRESSES, not STRESSED !

The demographic of the typical thrift shopper has changed. An increasing number of Gen Z and younger thrifters is a result of several things, in particular social media. Tiktok, Youtube and Instagram are filled with videos of students showing off their “thrift hauls”. It’s also affordable, cool and kind to the planet.

Today for Thrifty Thursday we’re focused on high school and college students who are returning to campus as Best Dressed and with No Stress.

Since dorm closets are generally quite small, shop for staples that can be mixed and matched to work several ways. Here are a couple college wardrobe staples you can almost always find at thrift stores like Goodwill of North Florida:

· Jeans

· Hoodies

· Sweatshirts

· Jackets

· Cardigans

· Solid Tees

· Graphic Tees

· Sneakers

· Flip Flops

· Formal wear (homecoming, parties)

For Goodwill of North Florida locations and more information, please visit Locations - Goodwill of North Florida (