Have a ‘Solutionaries’ idea? Please share! Plus, help us report on the mental strain of climate change

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Solutionaries is a new solutions-based digital broadcast. (News 6)

Now that we’ve launched our new “Solutionaries” digital newscast, we want to know: Have you seen an episode? How about this latest one, all about climate change? Or do you have any ideas for the future?

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The climate change episode debuted last week. Watch it here.

We’d love to hear what you think about climate change overall, and whether you have any mental strain related to the topic.

Climate anxiety is an increasingly common condition in people worried about the future of our planet due to climate change. We’d like your help to research climate anxiety and document possible solutions to this collective worry.

Be sure to check out the show, then fill out the form(s) below.

If you have a news tip you want to share or any other ideas that may not fit in our survey, you can always email solutionaries@grahammedia.com.