Florida, Georgia fans roll into RV City, ready to start the party

See how these fans are preparing for the game.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Florida-Georgia game is just a few days away and on Tuesday, fans began flooding RV City to set up their campers.

Spirits were high as the gates to RV City opened at 8 a.m. Tuesday.

Joe Clark was second in line to claim his usual tailgating spot on Gator Alley. “I wanted to be number one. But I was number two," Clark said.

Randy Stone also arrived extra early. He and his crew started camping out last week.

Fans wasted no time getting their tailgates set up, unloading equipment, and getting ready to prepare food and drinks for the next five days.

On Monday, crews were on site preparing for campers and fans to arrive. Michael Mcveigh and his daughter, Caitlin, stopped by to plan out their tailgate spot before arriving on Tuesday.

“We are counting out the steps on how long the motor home is to see if we can rearrange this year to get it to where we have the most space available and as many people here as possible,” Caitlin explained.

RV City is known for its large tailgates and the elaborate camper’s decked out in team colors. The Mcveigh’s said they’ve been setting up in RV City for nearly four decades.

The weeklong tailgate is about more than the food or the game. It’s a tradition fans on both teams look forward to every year, no matter who they’re rooting for.

"We get along good, we’ve met some really nice folks down here, some of my best friends are Florida fans," Clark said.

It's a friendly rivalry that kicks off ahead of Saturday's game.

“It’s outstanding because obviously we’re Gators, and we’re Bulldogs, but we all get along,” Michael said.

Entrance to RV City is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Campers are not allowed to save spaces for friends or other family members. If you are bringing a car along, it needs to be parked in Lot G and costs $80 for the week.

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