Mark Brunell: Jaguars need to give Gardner Minshew another shot

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The news came in a lot quicker this time than it did the last.

Doug Marrone said immediately after the game that Mike Glennon would start Jacksonville’s next game against the Titans. I thought that was a bit odd and that news caught me off guard. Marrone took a few days the last time when mulling over changing from Jake Luton to Glennon. Why wouldn’t he and the coaching staff at least give a little bit of time and thought to making another change at quarterback.

Why not think about going back to Gardner Minshew and see if he can get things moving.

I don’t understand that. There’s something to that.

Is Minshew in the coaching staff’s doghouse? Luton got three games to start, is that what the Jaguars plan to give Glennon? Or is Minshew Mania really over?

Minshew was the backup on Sunday, so he’s healthy enough to be out there. Rookie quarterback Jake Luton was benched because of turnovers. He threw four interceptions in a loss to the Steelers two weeks ago.

I’ve been an advocate of the Jaguars seeing what they have in all three of those quarterbacks on the roster. We’ve seen Luton. Now, we’ve seen two weeks of Glennon. We haven’t seen Minshew since the Chargers game and he was playing with breaks in his thumb.

I thought Glennon played well in last week’s 27-25 loss to the Browns. He didn’t play well at all against the Vikings. Two interceptions and a fumble. And he took a safety. If not for a ricochet that landed in the hands of Laviska Shenault, he wouldn’t have thrown a touchdown pass. That’s not a good game for a player who Marrone said gives the Jaguars the best chance to win. Not committing three turnovers, including a killer in overtime, he doesn’t.

Maybe it’s going to continue to be a week-by-week decision from here on out, but I wish Marrone would have given this decision a couple more days before deciding on rolling with Glennon next week. We know Luton is not the guy, but why wouldn’t you put in Minshew at this point? He’s the only quarterback on the roster who has won a game this year.

If Marrone rolls the dice once more with Glennon, and unless he shows significant improvement, the Jaguars need to go back to Minshew.