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Whatever happened to Minshew Mania?

Whatever happened to Minshew Mania?
Whatever happened to Minshew Mania?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – With the impending drafting of Trevor Lawrence by the Jacksonville Jaguars, that begs the question of whatever happened to Minshew Mania?

Gardner Minshew II -- the quarterback known for his mustache, jorts and resemblance to actor Jon Gries, who played Uncle Rico in “Napoleon Dynamite” -- was the talk of the city for much of the last couple of seasons. But after the Jaguars’ dismal 1-15 record last season, the mania seems to have subsided, particularly with Lawrence likely to start next season.

Fans are split on whether Minshew should be bench bound as the new No. 1 pick dons the teal and black.

“I don’t think he had the game we need to be successful,” said Jaguars fan Lisa Paris. “He was a great guy, and he was good for the fans at the time, but I wish him well.”

“It’s always good to go with the first pick, but you’ve got to rely on your learning curve,” said football fan Shawn Ghee. “It only makes sense that if he’s coming in, put him in as a backup before playing. If he proves himself, put him in as the first string.”

1010XL Jaguars beat reporter Hays Carlyon said he had never seen anything like Minshew in his time following the team.

“It was a comet, a brilliant comet. Amazing run and amazing how short-lived it was,” Carlyon said. “I think he either gets traded or released. He’ll probably get traded.”

Carlyon thinks Minshew, frankly, doesn’t want to be a backup to anyone.

“I think he enjoys the fame. That’s probably part of why he can’t be here,” Carlyon said. “He likes the fame, and a backup quarterback that’s used to being the starter, that’s a tough marriage to continue.”

Carlyon added that if something happens to Lawrence like an injury, he expects that by this coming season, a different quarterback than Minshew would take the field.

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