Bill Maher Unloads on Rudy Giuliani Over ‘Unprecedented’ FBI Raid

HBOBill Maher has been on quite a run of late. First, he welcomed Sharon Osbourne to his Real Time show in order to defend the TV personality in the wake of racism allegations. (“Cancel culture” was the real culprit, naturally.) Then, he celebrated vehicular menace Caitlyn Jenner’s run for governor of California with some ugly transphobic jokes.On Friday, the HBO host dialed back his regular “woke left” rants to focus on Joe Biden’s address to a joint session of Congress—and Republicans’ bizarre reactions to it. “Ted Cruz, during the speech, fell asleep. Of course, you know Ted’s a liar. He said he wasn’t asleep—he was protesting ‘wokeness,’” cracked Maher.He continued: “Lauren Boebert, you know this nut? One of the new Republicans from Congress, I think from Colorado. This is a loon on a Majorie Taylor Greene-level. During the speech, she dramatically unfurled one of those Mylar blankets—you know, kids-in-cage silver blankets. I don’t even really know the point of this protest, so I’m just going to take the high road and say, everyone’s entitled to their opinion but do not ask me ever to respect prop comedy.” (Cue tin-foil hat jokes.)But Maher took even more glee in mocking the recent FBI raid on Rudy Giuliani, the cousin-marrying, affair-having, head-melting, Trump-defending Borat mark. The FBI raided his home and office in New York City, seizing phones and computers “as part of an investigation into whether Rudy Giuliani broke lobbying laws when he was President Donald J. Trump’s personal lawyer,” reported The New York Times. Michael Che Mocks Report SNL Cast May Skip Elon Musk Episode“Giuliani Time came to Giuliani’s apartment this week. I just want people to understand how unprecedented this is—for just a lawyer, let alone a former prosecutor, mayor of New York, the president’s personal lawyer,” explained Maher. “It was 6 a.m. He was just getting in his coffin,” cracked Maher of the early-morning raid. “Rudy would say, ‘They hate me for being loyal.’ Yes, loyal to a horrible president and a scummy guy, so I can’t feel too sorry for him about it. But unprecedented, yes. Now, is this unprecedented for one of two reasons: Is it political payback—is this politics?—or is what Giuliani and Trump did unprecedented? I would say that.”Yes, according to Maher, Giuliani and Trump were not mere idiots but completely reckless. “An idiot is, I didn’t know health care was complicated,” said Maher. “Crazy is like doing your crimes in public, which he did. And that doesn’t compute, so we thought it had to be more of a conspiracy. It may turn out that most of it really was just what he did in public, because it’s so insane.”Read more at The Daily Beast.Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now!Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside goes deeper on the stories that matter to you. Learn more.