Rescuing kittens across the first coast

Today on River City Live we welcome Charlotte and Kellie of Kitty Chick Rescue. They share, " Kitty Chicks Rescue was developed to help save kitties who are less fortunate and were born into the street life, which makes them feral. Our goal is to Trap, Neuter, Release (TNR) as many as possible to help control the health and population of cat colonies. There are also kitties who have been abandoned to the streets by no fault of their own. Those who are friendly, we get them vetted and adopted into their forever homes. While we are making small steps in helping feral colonies, there is still a long way to go. With limited funding the feral colonies rely on private donations, persons and/or rescue groups to locate, trap and pay for TNR. While there are programs through First Coast No More Homeless Pets, funding is always limited. Kittens that are sick or 8 weeks and under can be put through the Kitten Krusaders program which includes free vetting and spay/neuter. In order to help our rescue help more cats/kittens we need donations and fosters!”