3-year, multimillion dollar construction project is another year away from completion

A new series of detours will come first

If you've driven near the intersection of I-95 and I-10 near downtown it's no secret -- construction in the area has been ongoing for awhile now. News4Jax reporter Lena Pringle is live.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Construction crews are close to finishing operational improvements and enhancements on the interchange at Interstate 95 and Interstate 10, the Fuller Warren Bridge, and along the east side of U.S.17 north bound between McDuff Avenue and Rosselle Street.

The project, which started in February 2017 could be finished in a little less than a year, according to the Florida Department of Transportation. The project was unaffected by the coronavirus pandemic, other than allowing crews to work faster and for longer hours without as many cars on the roads.

”We are on track. We’re very much on schedule and this project is expected to be completed spring 2021,” FDOT Community Outreach Specialist Dary Goss said.

There are several parts of this project including:

  • improvement to traffic flow at the I-10 and I-95 interchange 
  • widening of the Fuller Warren Bridge from 3 lanes to 4 on both sides 
  • construction of a noise barrier to lessen sound pollution reaching the community near Roosevelt Boulevard. 
  • and the creation of a shared use path, which is being referred to as the pedestrian bridge south of the Fuller Warren.

The shared use path is an essential component of construction for improving safety for pedestrians and bicyclists.

“We always want to promote safer ways to travel and easier ways to travel and reduce congestion and I just think it’s a great thing for those communities. For people to be able to get on their bikes, take a walk, go back and forth between Riverside and San Marco which are two vibrant communities, we’re really thrilled,” Goss said.

As the project gets closer to finalization, a new series of detours are soon to be in place.

I-10, I-95, and several of the ramps through the area will be rerouted starting after July 4. FDOT hasn’t yet released the plan for the detours.