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Telling the story of Vote 2020 is a marathon, not a sprint

News4Jax has been preparing for months to tell you who wins any why

WJXT's Studio B was transformed into Election Central. This shot snapped during our final rehearsal Monday afternoon.
WJXT's Studio B was transformed into Election Central. This shot snapped during our final rehearsal Monday afternoon. (WJXT/Steve Patrick)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – We’ve been with you every step of the way through this tumultuous year and we’re working hard to provide viewers clear and fair coverage as this pivotal election comes to a close.

With nearly 100 million Americans voting before the polls opened this morning and tens of millions more voting today, this will be election night like we’ve never experienced. And while we hope to know the winners of local races by the times the kids go to bed and, hopefully, whether President Donald Trump or Vice President Joe Biden will win Florida before midnight, tight races across the country and rules that allow some states to continue receiving and counting mail ballots for several days may keep the nation on edge for a while.

News4Jax has prepared for months to be able to tell you not only who wins hundreds of local, state and national races, but some of the reasons why.

We’ll be live on Channel 4 all evening, of course, as the station has done on election nights since before most of us were born. We’ll stay on as long as needed to keep the new information flowing. We’ll have extra staff in place again Wednesday morning and beyond to continue to report developments until we know who the nation has elected as its next president.

In addition to Tom Wills and Mary Baer anchoring our coverage and giving results on the big races, Kent Justice will be looking at trends and context with a panel of experts led by News4Jax political analyst Rick Mullaney.

Joy Purdy is looking at voting patterns in area counties and states across the country. Tarik Minor will be reporting on vote-by-mail returns and the outcome of the Florida Amendments. Staci Spanos is examining the competitive U.S. Senate races across the nation with updates on which party may control the upper chamber of Congress next year.

And to help understand the issues behind the voters’ choices, Scott Johnson and Travis Gibson will dive into data from AP VoteCast to give insight into the issues behind the voters' choices.

The ultimate second screen (or away from your TV) experience

There’s also special coverage on News4Jax.com, our app, social media, your smart speaker and other platforms so you won’t miss a thing no matter where you are. Even while watching TV, you may want to augment the experience. There will be live updates on the top races on our home screen and a search option to find any race(s) in your county or town.

At the top of our home page tonight, we’ll display the Electoral College votes each candidate as won (and explain what that means), describe how we get our results and when and who makes the calls on which candidate winning each state. You’ll see a live Balance of Power map to see which party will control the U.S. House and Senate next year.

Perhaps the most digital engaging element will be our interactive maps. Just like we slice and dice the voting by state and even by county on TV, we also put that power in your hands, letting you decide which state and race you want to see, even how your county voted in the big races. See the big picture or drill down to learn where the votes are coming from.

Beyond results, we’ll hear from the winners of our local representatives to Congress, stories about hiccups with the voting or vote-counting across the country.

And we’re not forgetting about our Georgia viewers. Our News4Georgia.com page will also transform Tuesday into a tool for you to find out about your races. Of course, we’ll have extensive coverage of the two U.S. Senate races that could be pivotal in which party controls that upper chamber of Congress and a district attorney race that unexpectedly became one of the most interesting in Southeast Georgia this year.

We’re giving you access to dive into the survey data from VoteCast, the 21st Century’s version of exit polling.

We’re also employing the resources of the I-TEAM to check into any claims of voting irregularities and our Trust Index team, verifying rumors and claims relating to the election, voting and the results.

Information at your fingertips

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